Jeb Bush Not Worthy of Higher Office

It’s one thing to be enthusiastic regarding the ambition of people struggling to come to America, to make a better life for themselves and their families, despite the illegality of the means by which they do so. But to conjoin such emotion with a negativity directed toward native-born Americans demonstrates an underlying dissatisfaction of America, much like the post-Americanism commonly displayed by President Barack Obama.

From c-span, here are a few quotes from June 13, 2013 made by Jeb Bush on the subject of immigration policy:

1. “They’re more entrepreneurial, they set up more business, they buy more homes, they’re more family-oriented, they work in jobs that in many cases are jobs that have gone unfilled.”

2. “We have people that mope around thinking ‘my life is bad, my children will not have the same opportunities that I had.’ What a horrible notion in America, the most optimistic of places, and I think an economically driven immigration plan . . . would lift our spirits up dramatically.”

We have witnessed the disastrous consequences of an empowered individual seeking to fundamentally transform America, and this same degenerative mindset is present in Jeb Bush, who, like Barack Obama, is not worthy of higher office.

Article: “Post-Americans, Left and Right” by Mark Kirkorian (National Review)