Judicial Watch Submits Questions For Clinton

Pursuant to being granted further discovery by a U.S. District Court Judge regarding the Clinton email matter, Judicial Watch has submitted 25 questions to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, concerning her email practices. Her answers are due on September 29, 2016, under oath.

I’m especially interested in question #19 –

Were you ever advised, cautioned, or warned about hacking or attempted hacking of your clintonemail.com email account or the server that hosted your clintonemail.com account and, if so, what did you do in response to the advice, caution, or warning?

Of course she was advised, but wanting the content of her Clinton Foundation money laundering activities, etc., to remain private mandated that the fewer people with knowledge about her illicit practices, the better. Besides, she has already stated that her email server was safe because “it was on property guarded by the Secret Service“; as if physical access were required to breach the security of her email system. Clearly, fool and criminal are not mutually exclusive terms.

Source: Judicial Watch Submits Email Questions to Hillary Clinton – Written Answers, Under Oath, Due September 29 (judicialwatch.org)