The System Is Rigged

Despite the incessant denial on behalf of democrats claiming that the US presidential electoral process is not ‘rigged’, here’s a video of these same people insisting otherwise – hypocrites.

Of course, as republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has repeatedly noted, the system is rigged. Consider the media, known for decades to perpetuate a liberal bias. During this electoral cycle, it is reported that journalists have contributed $14,000 to the campaign of Donald Trump, while Hillary Clinton has received a total of $382,000. Accordingly, it shouldn’t be surprising that news coverage has substantially promoted the left.

Consider voter fraud. On October 18, 2016, conservative talk radio host Mark Levin stated that there is a “full scale war on the electoral process”. He noted that liberal organizations in every state are fighting against voter identification laws, casting false aspersions of racism on those seeking to strengthen voter integrity. Never mind that same day voter registration makes it virtually impossible to verify who a person is. Never mind that online voter registration is ripe for corruption. Never mind that ‘motor voter’ practices require states to offer voter registration when any applicant seeks a drivers license. The potential for voter fraud to diminish the credibility of subsequent election results is increased in each instance, each of which democrats fight tooth-and-nail to protect.

The Pew Charitable Trusts has compiled some interesting voter registration statistics, as well. Therein, it is noted that:

  • 1 of every 8 voter registrations are no longer valid or significantly inaccurate.
  • More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters.
  • Approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.

Furthermore, the recent release of a video by Project Veritas Action documents violence at Trump rallies using a technique called ‘birddogging’, which can be traced to the Clinton campaign and the DNC. This violence, in turn, is falsely sold by the media as being incited by Donald Trump. It is interesting to note, as well, that the democratic operative (Robert Creamer – husband of Jan Schakowsky, US Rep., Illinois) who oversaw Trump rally agitators, visited the White House 342 times, personally meeting with President Obama on 47 separate occasions.

Of course the system is rigged. Let’s hope that citizens do the right thing on November 8, 2016, and vote for change by electing Donald Trump as President of The United States of America!


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