On Sale Today

Guests can take advantage of online savings today at the following galleries:

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These offers are for a limited time only…

On Sale Today

For a limited time, guests can save on these great items – on sale today:

  • Zazzle – save 15% off everything with code ZAZZDELIGHTZ at checkout
  • Society 6 – 30% off art prints – framed, tapestries, wallpaper + wall murals
  • Redbubble – 25% off lightweight hoodies and sweatshirts with code 25LIGHT

Snowflakes at Zazzle

Censorship at Zazzle is nothing new. Periodically, an overly sensitive snowflake on their content review team is bothered by the inclusion of the word “Islam” in a design, presumably unless it denotes some form of praise. Such was the case today, when my Islam Is The Problem bumper sticker was pulled from their product marketplace. Here’s the reason provided –

Yeah, right. Depending on where it is practiced, Islam can be religious, political, or both, none of which should disqualify this design based upon the aforementioned list of conditions. More likely, Islamic complaints over social media – or by a snowflake in San Francisco on the content review team – have led to removal of my bumper sticker.

On Sale Today

For a limited time, visitors can take advantage of these special offers – on sale today:

  • Redbubble – save 20% off everything with code BLUE20 at checkout
  • Zazzle – save 15% off everything with code WEEKDAYWITHZ at checkout
  • Society 6 – 25% off + free shipping on everything (excludes new yoga mats)

On Sale Today

Cyber Monday Sales EventsFor a limited time, visitors can save money at the following sales –

  • Society 6 – save 25% off everything + free shipping
  • Zazzle – save 15% off everything using code NEWZYEARZAZZ at checkout
  • Redbubble – save 25% off device cases using code DEVICES at checkout