Patriotic Typography Canvas Print


This premium wrapped canvas print features a grunge style typographic design of three dimensional, patriotic words. Made from an additive-free, cotton-poly blend with a tight weave that’s long lasting and fade resistant. Select between three frame thicknesses, various panel options and many different sizes to accommodate your interests!

Conservative T-shirts

Conservative T-shirts

Enjoy this t-shirt featuring a grunge-style graphic design in support of conservatism; a limited government, individual rights, free markets, a strong national defense and our US Constitution. Several different garment styles, sizes and colors are available.

Super Tuesday 2016 Delegates

Current delegate totals of Republican candidates: Donald Trump (82), Ted Cruz (17), Marco Rubio (16), John Kasich (6) and Ben Carson (4).

“Super Tuesday” is March 1, 2016. The states and respective delegates include:

Alabama (50), Alaska (28), Arkansas (40), Colorado (37), Georgia (76), Massachusetts (42), Minnesota (38), North Dakota (28), Oklahoma (43), Tennessee (58), Texas (155), Vermont (16) Virginia (49) and Wyoming (29).

Note: under the Republican Party’s new rules, states which hold their primaries and caucuses on March 1 – March 14 will award delegates on a proportional basis instead of winner-take-all.

Source: 2016 Election Central