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Defeating Islamic Supremacism

In addition to recommendations including televised addresses, engaging “Facebook Live” from the Oval Office and speaking before Congress, Daniel Horowitz (senior editor of Conservative Review) suggests that, to defeat a growing Islamic insurgency in the West, leadership from President Trump should include promotion of the following initiatives:

  • Immigration pause
  • Kick the courts out of immigration
  • Build the fence
  • Implement visa tracking
  • Cut off aid to the PLO
  • Cut off Saudi/Turkey/and Muslim Brotherhood influence
  • National right to carry
  • Deport hostile non-citizen immigrants

Source: How Trump can pull us back from the abyss of terrorism

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Jihad Is For Punks Bumper Sticker

Jihad Is For Punks Bumper Sticker

Enjoy this patriotic bumper sticker speaking out against the dangerous ideology of radical Islam and their war on infidels. God bless the United States of America!

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No Refugees Bumper Sticker

No Refugees Bumper Sticker

Militant Islamic terrorists from Syria and abroad have disguised themselves as refugees for purposes of infiltrating Europe. Now, acts of terror are becoming commonplace as communities and cultures are being destroyed. These barbarians have vowed to attempt similar passage into the United States of America, where such intentions of evil must be confronted with extreme vetting and a denial of entry, to safeguard our country. Enjoy this bumper sticker acknowledging this reality – no refugees!


Migrants Destroying Parisian Culture

Not a woman or child among them…

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…first responders in Brussels must bear the burden of cleaning up the consequences of the ill fated decisions of Angela Merkel, Barack Obama and other ideological merchants who traffic in the dangerous fantasy of multicultural-diversity, globalization, one-world nonsense.


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Assimilation Not Multiculturalism

Assimilation Not Multiculturalism T-shirt

Enjoy this t-shirt espousing the common sense sentiment, that immigration without assimilation is invasion. Such logic is true, of course, as pertains to both immigration as well as refugee resettlement scenarios.