Pelosi Has Lost Her Mind

Behind closed doors, in the bowels of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi considers whether or not she could pass for Shirley Temple – if by simply suturing a curly haired wig to her head? Alas, she sighs and pours another drink, before drifting off into oblivion… Burp.

Hillary Clinton Is Delusional

She won’t shut up. Hillary Clinton continues to believe that she actually won the 2016 presidential election against Donald J. Trump. Furthermore, she also thinks that her ass is smaller than a refrigerator. Clearly, she is delusional. Guests are invited to select gifts & apparel featuring this humorous graphic design – stop by my galleriesContinue reading “Hillary Clinton Is Delusional”

Islamic State of the Inner Toilet Greeting Cards

Draped in toilet paper and sporting a stylish straight-jacket, many folks are unaware that former Al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden was an advocate for modern plumbing. Depicted here, this third iteration of a group self-identified as an ‘Islamic State’ best represents the essence of their bassackwards ideology. If your congressional representative has a problemContinue reading “Islamic State of the Inner Toilet Greeting Cards”

Al Gore Is A Freak of Nature

Enjoy this mock magazine cover of Junk Science Digest featuring the freak of nature, Al Gore. Read about Al’s correlation between a global warming state of crisis and wetting his pants; meet his favorite pet polar bear; and, take in the ambience of a fireside chat with wife, Tipper… Available in these galleries ▸ Cafepress,Continue reading “Al Gore Is A Freak of Nature”