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Alaska Senator Sarah Palin Notebook

Alaska Senator Sarah Palin Notebook

Show your support for Sarah Palin to be elected Senator from Alaska in 2022, replacing republican-in-name-only, Senator Lisa Murkowski. This spiral notebook would make a great gift for the student(s) in your family, with 120 pages – ruled or graph. Printed on the front cover, it has a handy document pocket inside the back cover. Many other products to select, as well.

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We The #TeaParty

We The Tea Party
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Sarah Palin is a patriotic American advocating first principles and supporting the US Constitution. Show your support for tea party candidates in the upcoming elections, and stop by my galleries at Redbubble and Society 6. God bless America!

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Folks, this government isn’t too big to fail, it’s too big to succeed.


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We The People Framed Print

We The People Framed Print

Enjoy this framed print featuring tea party conservative Sarah Palin, the American Flag and the US Constitution. Exhibition quality box or flat frames available in several colors.

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Death Panels Three Ring Binder

Death Panels

Enjoy this binder highlighting that Sarah Palin was correct when she coined the phrase “Death Panels”. The IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board) in Obamacare is a body of unelected elitist bureaucrats with the power to cut off care through arbitrary rules based on one-size-fits-all cost calculations, including de facto rationing of health care services for the elderly via long treatment delays and sharp declines in the quality of care. Obamacare must be defunded!

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Her Time To Lead

Sarah Palin is an honest and patriotic conservative American willing to do what it takes to promote our founding father’s vision of a limited government for our Constitutional Republic…

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