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Sen. Ted Cruz Launches #WalkAwayFromNike Boycott Campaign

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Pat Sajak Tweets About Democratic Presidential Debate

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President Trump’s 2020 Election Kickoff Rally In Orlando, Florida

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Robert Spencer Quote

In response to a report that Hillary Clinton said that she won’t be seeking the presidency:

Hillary Clinton will be running for President for as long as her head can be kept alive in a bubbling vat of nutrients.

Robert Spencer

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Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) speaks out on Twitter against the sick, evil commentary of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who condones killing babies after birth:

I never thought I would see the day America had government officials who openly support legal infanticide.

Marco Rubio
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Ann Coulter Quote On Twitter

Trump’s decision on Paris accord has lefties everywhere shitting bricks. Now if they could just sh*t some rebar, we could build the wall!


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New Social Media Platform

Given the increasing rate with which conservative speech is being quashed by Twitter – through the suspension or termination of accounts, many outspoken voices are now turning to a new, emerging social media platform known as GAB.

Due to the volume of interested parties, there is currently a two-week waiting period for new members to sign up.

UPDATE: I received notification earlier than expected & my membership username is @twenty48dotnet

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Things I Trust More Than Hillary Clinton

Things I trust more than Hillary Clinton

  • Mexican tap water
  • a rattlesnake with a “pet me” sign
  • gas station sushi
  • a Jimmy Carter economic plan
  • Brian Williams news reports
  • emails from a Nigerian Princess

Source: unknown (as seen on Twitter).

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Fools On The Hill

Products War On Terror

Benghazi T-shirt

Benghazi T-shirt

The terrorist attack against America in Benghazi, Libya must not be forgotten, nor should we excuse the failure and utter incompetence of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Share the Twitter hashtag #Benghazi with this t-shirt.